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          • All projects

          Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

          Permanent office of AIIB headquarters

          Zhengzhou Longhu financial center

          The Landmark building with financial office, business and tourism as the core

          Jinmaofu, Shenzhen


          Shanghai international fiance center Shanghai stock exchange


          Huawei Global training center


          Vanke West bay river


          No.4 Line of Guangzhou Metro

          The most beautiful subway station in Guangzhou

          Well-Decorated engineering of China Eastern Airlines

          International Real Estate Award-The Best High-Rise Development in Asia Pacific & Golden Stone Award in The 7th Outstanding Stone Construction Project in China Yangtze River Delta.

          Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic Of France

          Products used: Navona Travertine and Cloud?Dora gray

          Vanke Golden City




          Headquarters Building of Beijing Lenovo

          According to 2016 China Top 500 Private Enterprises issued by All-China Chamber of Industry and Commerce (ACCIC), Lenovo ranked fourth.



          Shandong Art Museum

          The largest modern art museum under-construction in China

          T2 Terminal of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport


          Lexis Suites Penang, Malaysia

          The only hotel that provides deluxe suites in Penang

          Korea Seonnongdan Historical and Cultural Park

          An Inter-Continental Landmark Resort on the World Heritage

          Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson in Malaysia

          The hottest and newest tourist resort in Malaysia

          Harbin Opera House

          The Best Cultural Architecture of the World Best Architecture

          Shanghai Greenland Primus Hotel

          Perfect Combination of Western tradition and Chinese Modern Style

          Nanhai God Temple Station of Guangzhou Metro Line 13

          A key part of Marine Silk Road Cultural Heritage Site



          Chongqing Jiangbei Airport T3 Terminal

          With the Largest Curtain Wall System in Asia

          Flower Bay No. 1 Garden

          The only residential building in Guangzhou old urban area that got LEED Certification from American Green Building Council.

          Hotel Ramada Plaza Hangzhou

          A subsidiary of Wyndham Hotel Group

          Le Meridien Shenyang Heping

          A high-end hotel under Marriott International Group



          Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar

          Shangri-La Center--the one and only multi-functional commercial real estate project in Ulaanbaatar

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